THE ConstRuctivist’s Tool Box


Constructivism is just one of many different learning theories which has a few essential key understandings and beliefs about how people learn.  Ask yourself the following questions to determine if some of your educational rationale is based on these same beliefs. Click on each question play button if your answer is YES to see how you compare!

Did you hear more applause than not? You may be a constructivist!  Go on to the next page to find out about the basic understandings of the this learning theory and the primary beliefs of its founders.

If not, check out these other learning style links below to see where your theory of how people learn may fit in:


“A mind once stretched by a new idea never regains its original dimensions”

are you a constructivist?


Social Cognitve


Do you believe that your past experiences in life affect the current and future learning patterns of yourself and your students?